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CUSA Video Contest Details

Cecchetti USA is hosting a Video Contest for Students of the Cecchetti Method! The 7 Movements in Dancing “Reinvented" ELIGIBILITY Dancers age 7-20 who study the Cecchetti Method with a Qualified/Certified CUSA Teacher. ABOUT THE CONTEST CUSA is looking for Creative & Unique ways to display the 7 Movements in Dancing! CUSA will have 3 Divisions to the contest, each Division will be awarded 1 winner! Divisions Cecchetti Levels 1-3 (Displaying at least 1 Plier, 2 Sauter, 3 Etendre & 4 Relever) Cecchetti Levels 4-7 (Displaying all 7 Movements in Dancing) Cecchetti Levels 8-Diploma (Displaying all 7 Movements in Dancing) VIDEO SUBMISSION Students will create a short Video uniquely displaying the 7 Movements in Dancing in any order and style desired (See the rubric and details here). Videos must be kept under 1 minute in length and file size under 1MB. W e are looking for the Movements in Dancing to be shown with originality and uniqueness! Get Creative! EMAIL the video to the studio and we can submit it for you!

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