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The Conservatory is a pre-professional, ballet focused program that provides Turning Pointe Dance Academy students with the training necessary to audition for recognized university dance programs, join professional companies, and/or attend international ballet competitions. 

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The Ballet Conservatory

The Conservatory is a pre-professional ballet focused program for diligent students that provides the necessary training to pursue a professional dance career.  Dancers in The Conservatory develop their technique and artistry by meeting rigorous class requirements including ballet, modern and contemporary.  Conservatory members are eligible to participate in international ballet competitions including Youth America Grand Prix.   Admittance by audition.  


Please contact the studio for audition information. 

Conservatory Requirements 

Required ballet classes missed because of illness or absence must be made up.  Conservatory students must attend the Ballet & Contemporary Intensive during the summer and 1 Cecchetti Conference. Students will have the opportunity to audition for a performance piece(s) that will compete at Youth American Grand Prix, competitions with the team, and Nationals.   

Students in The Ballet Conservatory are required to take the Summer Ballet & Contemporary Intensive. 

Junior Conservatory:  

3.5 hours of ballet class (not including the Conservatory rehearsal), 1 Modern class, 1 Contemporary class, and Conditioning/ Stretch, Turns & Leaps.

6 hours of ballet class (not including the Conservatory rehearsal), 1 Modern class, 1 Contemporary/ Contemporary Pointe class, 1 Pointe Technique class and Conditioning/ Stretch, Turns & Leaps. Ballet classes must include three classes/week on Pointe.

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