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Welcome to our Competition Team

The nationally recognized Turning Pointe Competition Team offers opportunities for serious dancers to develop their technique, artistry, musicality, and performance quality while working together as a team. 

Recent Accolades

2024 Energy Regionals 
Highest Scoring  11 & under- Julienne Cabrara, TPDA Team
Highest Scoring 12 & Over, Sophie Quigley, TPDA Team
Title Winner- Ella Kozar, TPDA Team 


2024 In10sity Regionals 
Highest Scoring Teen Dance of The Weekend- Feel It Still, TPDA Team 

2024 DanceMakers Regionals 
Highest Scoring Dance of The Weekend- Disappearing Act, TPDA Team 


2024 Hall Of Fame Regionals 
Teen Hall Of Fame Inductee- Mariam Fadl, TPDA Team 

2024 NYCDA Regionals Outstanding Studio Award 

2023 NYCDA Nationals "Spirit Award" Winners

2023 NYCDA Nationals
4th runner up Junior
Female Outstanding Dancer- Mya Fernandez, TPDA Team 

2023 Industry Award Nominee
for best in Lyrical/Modern/Contemporary Perfo

Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 2.45.17 PM.png


for the 2024/2025 Season​

June 10th, 2024

5:30-6:15pm Ages 6-7

6:30-7:15pm Ages 8-10

7:30-8:15pm Ages 11-13

8:30-9:30pm Ages 14+ 


Auditioning students must wear dance apparel (tights not required), bring ballet shoes, and wear hair in a bun or neatly away from the face.  Dancers are expected to arrive prepared to dance.  A warm up will not be given but space is provided in a studio to warm up before the audition. Technical and artistic assets will be assessed. Dancers can expect a combination demonstrating flexibility and balance for the adjudicating faculty.Sign up at front desk.  $20 audition fee due at time of sign up.

Team Audition

Requirements & Expectations

We establish rigorous class, rehearsal and competition expectations to create an equal opportunity for all dancers, to promote and build a community atmosphere and to foster personal growth and an understanding of commitment to one’s self and to others. We look for attentive, diligent, responsible and focused dancers who consistently demonstrate a respectful energy with not only TPDA faculty and staff but with peers, guest faculty, and parents.   We believe these characteristics are essential for success as a dancer and as a person.  

Dancers must,

  • Attend all competitions and the spring performances. 

  • Maintain excellent attendance for class and rehearsals.  Missed classes must be made up. 

  • Display proper sportsmanship at the studio, studio related events and all competitions.  


Dancers and parents must,

  • Support TPDA, its dance teams and its faculty at all times.  

  • Follow instructions from faculty and be respectful of decisions made at the Director’s discretion. 


Team dancers are expected to take evening classes and participate in at least one day program over the summer. Students attending more than one Program or Intensive receive a $50.00 discount. Dancers must also attend Choreography Week except for Petites.  

Ages 5 – 8: A minimum of two classes and one day program/ intensive.
Ages 9 – 11: A minimum of three summer classes (one must be ballet) and one day program or intensive.

Ages 12+: A minimum of four summer classes (two must be ballet) and one day program or intensive.

Academic Year

During the school year dancers must meet rigorous class, rehearsal, competition and performance requirements as outlined in their contracts.  Students and parents must return a signed contract to participate. Ages are a guideline only and some exceptions may be made. Technique classes include modern, jazz, lyrical, contemporary or contemporary ballet. Ballet class requirements for ages 12+ can only include one contemporary ballet.               

Ages 5 - 6: Team Class, One Ballet Class, One Technique Class (modern, jazz, lyrical or contemporary).

Ages 7 – 8: Team Class, Two Ballet Classes, One Technique Class and/or Conditioning/ Stretch, Turns & Leaps.

Ages 9 – 10: Team Class (1+), Two Ballet Classes, One Technique Class, Conditioning/ Stretch, Turns & Leaps.

Ages 11 - 12: Team Class (1+), Three Ballet Classes, One Technique Class and Conditioning/ Stretch, Turns & Leaps.

Ages 13+: Team Class (1+), Three Ballet Classes, Two Technique Class and Conditioning/ Stretch, Turns & Leaps.                                                     

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