2020 Recital
June 8th to June 13th
via Zoom

Each class, including CUSA 1-3, will run their dance using zoom the week of June 8th and June 13th. 
Please click below for helpful tips and information about recording on Zoom.
Each student should wear their costume and have their hair done as instructed by their teacher.  
CUSA 4 and above will be contacted about their performances.

There is no recital fee. 


June 14th

Jeri Tidwell Photography will do individual photos for interested families on June 14th. 

Photo sessions will be by appointment only. Please email the studio for more information. 


Costume fees for the recital have been added to accounts and were due with December Tuition payments.  Costume fees for Cecchetti classes will be added in the Spring. Please keep costumes protected until after the recital.  Do not allow students to play in their costumes. Once they arrive, costumes are distributed to students who do not have account balances. 

costume pick-up 

Tuesday, June 2nd            3:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Wednesday, June 3rd      2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Pick up instructions
Parents must call the studio at 410-799-1333 before leaving home so costumes can be prepared for pick-up.  When parents reach the studio, they must call again and costume(s) will be brought to cars.