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Team wins BIG at In10sity Competition

Congratulations to the team dancers for a wonderful weekend. We are so proud of you all! In10se Dancers


Julienne Ava Sophie

Technique Award Julienne Ava Gun Clouds Wait For Me Mya

Judges Picks Lighthouse Mariah Satya Choreography Award Ava Precision Award Mariah For a Few Dollars More Charlotte Highest Scoring Teen Routine

Feel It Still

Highest Scoring

Contemporary - Gun

Jazz - Feel It Still

Lyrical - Disappearing Act In10sity Challenge - Second Mini Solos

2nd Carys Mini Duet

1st Somewhere

Teen Solos

1st Ava

3rd Sophie

4th Mabelle

5th Mariah

7th Joe

8th Emily

Improv Competition


Top 6




Top 3




Teen Solo

2nd MJ

3rd Mya

4th Satya

5th Mariam

8th Deanna

10th Charlotte Teen Duet

1st Knives Out

2nd Gun

3rd Discombobulate

4th Suel La Monde

5th Sunrise

7th Corner of the Sky Teen Small Groups

2nd Eurydice

3rd Doomed

5th Waterfalls

6th Is That Me

7th The Fall of Troy Teen Large Group

1st Feel It Still

2nd Disappearing Act

3rd For a Few Dollars More

5th One

6th Waving

8th Childhood

9th Heroes

10th Copchase Teen Productions

2nd Wait For Me Junior Solos

2nd Maeryn

3rd Julienne

7th Brooke

10th Abigail Junior Duet

2nd The Opening

Junior Groups

6th The Rules

7th Hey Daddy

Senior Small Groups

2nd Clouds

6th What It Means

9th Dumbing Senior Large Groups

1st Spring Awakening

4th Lighthouse

5th For Lauren


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