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Headliners Competition Results

Highest Scoring Routine 13 & Over for the Entire Competition Sarah Stillman "No Sound" Regional Title Winners Petite Miss- Madeline Pettite Junior Miss- Caroline Wentker Junior Mister- Ryan Blattau Teen Miss- Sarah Stillman

Overall Winners Child Solos 2nd- Madeline Pettite 3rd- Mariam Fadl

Child Small Groups 1st- Let The River Run 2nd- All I Care About Is Love Junior Solos

2nd- Caroline Wentker

4th- Osayame Evbuomwan 6th- Ryan Blattau 10th- Dakotah Hill Junior Small Group

1st- Feather On The Clyde 4th- Keep The Faith Junior Large Group 1st- Unchained Melody 3rd- This Is The Walk Junior Classes (Production) 1st- Bohemian Rhapsody

Teen Solos 1st- Sarah Stillman 6th- Sarah McHale 7th- Paige Holland Teen Duo/Trio 1st- Kirsten Gottlieb & Sarah Stillman

2nd- Sarah Stillman & Caroline Wentker 3rd- Ashanti Dupree & Sarah McHale Teen Small Group

1st- The Promise 2nd- Until I Die 3rd- At Last 5th- A Star In A Stoneboat Teen Large Group

3rd- Your Day Will Come Teen Classes (Production) 1st- The River

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