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Legacy Competition Results

Excellence Awards This is the walk Hernando's Hide away Keep the faith Feather on the clyde At last Let the river run Until I die All I care about is love Bohemian Rhapsody Mambo Italiano The river Unchained Melody Legacy Award for highest scoring pieces 12 and under Turning Pointe dance academy 13 and over Turning Pointe dance academy Mini Solos Overall Top Scores ​1st Mariam Fadl 2nd Madeline Petit Mini Title Winner Mariam Fadl 1st Runner Up Madeleine Pettit Petite Solos Overall Top Scores 1st Dakotah Hill 2nd Michaela Vass Petite Title Winner Dakotah Hill

Junior Solo Overall Top Scores 1st Caroline Wentker 2nd Ryan Blattau 3rd Osayame Evbuomwan Junior Title Winner Mr. Legacy Ryan blattau Miss Legacy Winner- Caroline Wentker Runner up- Osayame Evbuomwan Teen Solo Overall Top Scores 2- Sarah McHale 5- Paige Holland 6- Carissa Robinson 7- Alexandra Groves Teen Title Winners 2nd Sarah McHale Senior Solo Overall Top Scores 1st Sarah Stillman Senior Title Winners Sarah Stillman Teen Duet Overall Top Score 1st Sarah Stillman & Caroline Wentker

2nd Kirsten Gottlieb & Sarah Stillman 5th Ashanti Dupree & Sarah McHale Mini Duet Overall Top Scores 1st Mykayla An & Evie Bolognese Mini Small Groups overall Top Scores 1st Stayin’ Alive 2nd Money, Money, Money Petite Small Group Overall Type Scores 1st Let The River Run 2nd All I Care About Is Love Junior Small Group Overall Top Scores 1st Feather On The Clyde 2nd Keep The Faith 3rd Icarus Teen Small Group Overall Top Scores 2nd Until I Die 4th The Promise 6th A Star In A Stoneboat Senior Small Group Overall Top Scores 1st At Last Mini Large Group Overall Top Scores 1st Hernando’s Hideaway 2nd Mambo Italiano Junior Large Group Overall Top Scores 1st This Is The Walk Teen Large Group Overall Top Scores 2nd Unchained Melody 3rd Your Day Will Come Petite Line Overall Top Scores 1st The Barrel Breaks

Advanced Teen Production Top Scores 1st The River 2nd Bohemian Rhapsody

Invited to perform at closing gala of National Competition Sarah McHale Sarah Stillman

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