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Backstage Parent Instructions

First of all, THANK YOU for volunteering for this role.  Your help is a big part of what makes our performances run smoothly every year.  So thank you!

Backstage parents are expected to be in the dressing room a few minutes before the dancers start to arrive.  Dancers are asked to arrive 30 minutes before show time, backstage parents are asked to arrive a few minutes before this so they can greet the dancers.  This is especially important for the youngest dancers since it is the first time performing for many of them.   Below is a cheat sheet for when you should arrive.  The below cheat sheet DOES NOT mean you need to be at every show. You only need to be a backstage parent for the show in which your dancer is performing. 


Show time

Backstage Parent Arrive

Dancers  Arrive











You are responsible for,

·          Greeting dancers when they arrive

·          Supervising dancers in their dressing room before the show

·          Chaperoning any dancers that need to visit the restroom 

·          Assisting with getting dancers to the stage

·          Getting dancers back to the dressing room after they perform

·          Supervising dancers in the dressing room after they perform

·          Remaining in the dressing room until all the dancers in your group have been picked up

It’s a great idea to bring puzzles, games to play while seated, coloring pages… something to keep little ones occupied while they wait. In years past parents have brought a big picnic blanket for dancers to sit on and it's been a big help.  It is especially helpful keeping the littlest dancers contained and calm. A can of hairspray is also not a bad idea for last minute hair touchups.You will absolutely be able to see your dancer perform.  Once you get the dancers from their dressing room to the backstage area we sneak you into the auditorium where you can watch.  Once the dancers are done, you zip backstage to collect the dancers and get them back to the dressing room. 

Thank you again for your help.  We are SO appreciative! 


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