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Picture Day Tips, Dos and Don'ts

Dates: Thursday, May 16th - Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Location: Turning Pointe Dance Academy 7380 Coca Cola Drive Suite 118 Hanover, MD 21076

How early do I arrive? Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled picture time with proper costume, hair, make up, shoes and tights. Dancers must be ready to go at their scheduled time. We are not able to wait if dancers are not ready. The schedule is available online here and is posted at the front desk. What to wear? Wear your costume with hair piece, proper tights and shoes as assigned by your instructor. How do I wear my hair? Female students must have their hair parted in the center with a low bun unless otherwise instructed by their teacher. Hair nets and bobby pins are necessary to keep buns in place and looking neat. Bun kits are available for $5.00 each at the front desk. Do I wear make up? Dancers may wear light stage make up unless otherwise instructed by their teacher. Eyes may be be enhanced with eye liner, mascara, and eye shadow (brown on the lid and a lighter "highlighting" shade under the brow). Eye prow pencil is recommended for fair students. Lipstick and blush may be worn to keep faces looking fresh. Who is taking the pictures and how do I buy them? Pictures are taken by Jeri Tidwell Dance Photography. She is a phenomenal dance photographer. All the images along the walls in the lobby and hallway are her work. After picture days a link will be sent to parents where they can proof and order images online. All purchasing of pictures is done through Jeri.

Do I get to be in the room when the pictures are taken? Please DO NOT enter the room where photos are being taken unless invited. Our phenomenal photographer, Jeri Tidwell, is a true professional with experience photographing dancers from the littlest creative movement tots all the way to professionals from world renowned ballet companies. Rest assured she will take beautiful shots of your dancers. I have two or more dancers in my family. Can they take a sibling picture? Yes, siblings can take a picture together. During one of the dancer's scheduled picture times let a teacher know you want a sibling shot. We will squeeze you in!

I still have questions, who do I reach out to? You can ask the front desk, your students teacher or send us an email here.

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