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A New Message re: COVID

Hi Everyone,

As you know, Covid 19 is increasing again in our state. We are already following the state procedures outlined recently by Governor Hogan but will need you to remind your dancers of the following:

1. They need to remain 6' apart from their friends, in class and while waiting in the student area.

2. No eating in studio.

3. Masks must be worn at all times and hands should be sanitized when entering the studio.

4. Parents are not permitted into the studio unless they have a Creative Movement student or they need to talk to our front desk staff.

5. Families that have traveled or attend large gatherings should zoom for 2 weeks or have a negative Covid test for their student.

6. Any student with symptoms of any kind (congestion, headache, aching muscles, fever, etc) or a family member with symptoms should stay home. Students can always zoom their classes from home.

Thank you for working with us to keep the studio a safe environment.


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