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Competition Team Audition June 10th, 2024

5:30-6:15 Ages 6-7

6:30-7:15 Ages 8-10

7:30-8:15 Ages 11-13

8:30-9:30 Ages 14+

The nationally recognized Turning Pointe Competition Team offers opportunities for serious dancers to develop their technique, artistry, musicality, and performance quality while working together as a team. 

Auditioning students must wear dance apparel (tights not required), bring ballet shoes, and wear hair in a bun or neatly away from the face.  Dancers are expected to arrive prepared to dance.  A warm up will not be given but space is provided to warm up before the audition. Technical and artistic assets will be assessed. Dancers can expect a combination demonstrating flexibility and balance for the adjudicating faculty.

Summer Requirements for Accepted Dancers

Dancers accepting a position on the team are expected to take evening classes and participate in at least one day program over the summer. Students attending more than one Program or Intensive receive a $50.00 discount. Dancers must also attend Choreography Week except for Petites.   Ages 5 – 8: A minimum of two classes and one day program/ intensive. Ages 9 – 11: A minimum of three summer classes (one must be ballet) and one day program or intensive.

Ages 12+: A minimum of four summer classes (two must be ballet) and one day program or intensive.


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