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Winning BIG at Hall of Fame Dance Challenge Regionals 2024

MVP Award Winners Zoro top 10 Highest Scoring Junior Solo 1st Place-Julienne Highest Scoring Junior Small Group & Hall Of Fame Inductee 1st Place-The Rules Highest Scoring teen Small Group 1st Place-Is That Me Highest Scoring Senior Small Group & MVP Award 1st Place-What It Means to Be Human Highest Scoring Teen Large Group 1st Place- Disappearing Act Highest Scoring Junior Line 1st Place Too Darn Hot Highest Scoring Teen Line

1st Place- Wait For Me Best In Category Soloists Mariah (two categories) Ava, Mariam, Deanna, Satya, Mya Best In Category Dances One, Doomed, Disappearing Act Walk Off Dancers Ava, Mariah, Sophie, MJ, Mariam, Satya Walk Off Dances Dumbing Down of Love, What It Means to Be Human, Is That Me, Disappearing Act, Knives Out, Gun, Wait for Me Teen Hall Of Fame Inductee Mariam Technique award Dancer Mya Technique Award Dances

Wait for Me Costume Award Deanna Fabulous Feet Award Ella


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