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Audience Etiquette

To help make our performances a success here are a few tips for audience members

Everyone over 2 years old needs a ticket Tickets may be purchased at the front desk or at the venue. Presale: Adults $14 | kids 10 and under $10 At Laurel High School: Adults $16 | kids 10 and under $12 General Seating Please avoid leaving single seats between you and the next set of audience members. If you have a large group attending please wait until most of your party has arrived before finding seats.

No Entrances, Exits, Backstage Access Our shows are designed to flow quickly between pieces. Please do not enter or exit the theater between dances unless it is an emergency. We have designated volunteers to manage dancers backstage. For safety reasons, parents are not permitted backstage during the show. Enjoy the entire performance Every single TPDA dancer performing deserves your attention and your applause. Remaining in your seat for the entire performance also teaches your dancer what it means to be part of a production- this includes your child waiting backstage until the end of the show. No photography/videography The performance will be professionally recorded. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance.

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